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180 Medical Employee Spotlight: Confirmations Specialist

by Jessica July 1 2014 14:00
180 Medical is a national leader in the intermittent catheter industry, and we also provide ostomy and other related supplies. We recruit employees who are positive, hard-working individuals who want to enjoy going to work. We offer a competitive benefits package, extensive training, and many fun extras and perks. 180 Medical was also named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma once again in 2013.

This month, we're excited to feature Jamie, who works in the Confirmations Specialist position.

What do you do as a Confirmation Specialist?  
As a Confirmations Specialist, I do many different tasks on a daily basis. My top priority is getting in touch with our customers to confirm their next order. Some of our other tasks include working on increased prescriptions, and obtaining documentation that lets us provide advanced products for our customers.  I also work on prior authorizations, ABN renewals, and I am privileged to be one of the trainers for the department!

What do you love most about 180 Medical?
The environment. We just have the best people working together.  We are so team-oriented and strive to provide the best customer service. 180 Medical has many unique qualities, differing from our fundraising techniques to how we celebrate meeting our goals. I have had some of the most delectable treats since I have been a part of the 180 family! And who doesn’t like watching your fellow 180ers get a pie in the face (it was for a good cause, I promise!)? Also, I love the laid back feel of the office since we are able to dress casually. I have successfully obtained a neat t-shirt in almost every color!    

Anything you’d say to someone thinking about applying for a job here?
180 Medical Best Places To Work 2013 
I would say DO IT! It will be one of the best decisions you have made. I am so thankful every day for the relationships that I have made with our customers, as well as my teammates. The sweets and different treats are just an added bonus! I am actually excited to come into the office and see what the day holds in store. Not many people have the privilege of saying that and actually meaning it.  

What's one of your favorite stories of how you helped a customer or a fellow employee here?
Being on the front lines and speaking with our customers every day, I have been able to hear many stories. I called a customer one day, and before I could tell him who I was he shouts, “I am so glad you caught me!” He went on to tell me that he had barely been at home between taking care of arranging two different funerals, but that he needed his supplies, so I confirmed his order. I went on to tell him that we extend our condolences to the family and that if he needed anything, to just give me a call. His next response brought tears to my eyes. He said that we aren’t just a company to him, but we are more like family. He let me know that we have always been there for him each month and had never let him down. It’s the little things like this that make me LOVE what I do.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love working on cars, playing softball and taking my two dogs to the lake. I also enjoy concerts and watching sports. I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life, so with that comes being an OU fan. Let’s face it, no one is better. 

What's a favorite quote that keeps you inspired?
A quote that I look to a lot would be: “Neither success nor failures are an accident.”  

Thanks to Jamie, and all the Confirmations Specialists who play such an integral role in the company. If you're interested in a job at 180 Medical, check out available 180 Medical jobs and apply today!

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for almost 5 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing and Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, art, music, and spending time with friends and family.